¬ť∂Ļ…Á«Ýapp is a spe¬≠cial¬≠ist ac¬≠cess pro¬≠vider in the sup¬≠ply, erec¬≠tion, dis¬≠mant¬≠ling and management of all forms of scaffold¬≠ing sys¬≠tems, in¬≠clud¬≠ing con¬≠ven¬≠tional tube & clip sys¬≠tems and ad¬≠vanced sys¬≠tem scaffold¬≠ing. Our service offering extends to engineering and sign-off, where we utilise AutoCAD to design the safest and most efficient solution for our clients. We also offer in-house fabricated stillages with load testing to compliance.

¬ť∂Ļ…Á«Ýapp has de¬≠veloped in-house scaffold¬≠ing man¬≠age¬≠ment soft¬≠ware (¬ť∂Ļ…Á«Ýapp Scaffold¬≠ing Management System – KSMS) to man¬≠age scaf¬≠fold¬≠ing in a cost-ef¬≠fect¬≠ive man¬≠ner. The system offers benefits to our projects, maintenance and shutdown campaigns including:

  • Providing field access – Compatible for use with tablets, enabling easy access of data, ability to update and share photos, data and reports from the field.
  • Fast and accurate access to data regarding stock availability and utilisation, allowing efficient management of scaffolding equipment.
  • Summary on key progress, productivity, manning levels, equipment utilisation, material status, work and release progress and HSEQ indicators.
  • Ability to track scaffold inspection requirements – scaffolds are ‚Äėtagged‚Äô on the scaffolding register, which is automatically updated on completion.
¬ť∂Ļ…Á«Ýapp Integrated Services
Delivering across full asset lifecycles, from construction to asset integrity, maintenance & shutdowns.
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